About Emunah

EMUNAH is Israel’s largest women's religious Zionist organization with over 100,000 members worldwide. Since 1935 EMUNAH has been responding to the needs of the people in Israel, through its vast network of 250 social service and educational programs throughout the country.

EMUNAH’s mission is to help alleviate the burdens of Israel’s social problems, to strengthen Israeli society through excellent education for children and adults, and to provide emergency services to its citizens during times of crisis.

EMUNAH maintains 135 day-care and after school centers throughout Israel, including in Yehuda and Shomron. EMUNAH operates vocational schools, high schools, the Zusman Torah and Art High School, and the renowned Appleman College of Art and Technology.

EMUNAH operates 5 children’s residential homes caring for over 1,000 children coming from backgrounds of abuse, neglect and abandonment.  At EMUNAH Children’s homes, children are given loving care and attention, often for the first time in their lives.  EMUNAH staff, therapists and tutors are personally involved with each child to provide for all their individual needs. Each child is gently nurtured back to emotional and physical health and given a fresh opportunity for a bright and productive future.

EMUNAH operates crisis counseling centers for families in crisis and victims of terror, parenting classes, senior citizen centers and meals-on-wheels programs.

EMUNAH offers courses for new olim, receiving two prestigious prizes for our excellent work with new immigrants.

In times of national crisis, EMUNAH immediately responds providing emergency services to children and families in distress, working to ease their burdens and helping them return to normal life.

EMUNAH continues to give assistance to the evacuees from Gush Katif, providing crucial day care centers and family counseling services to the displaced families.

Our strength depends on our volunteers, members and supporters. With your help, EMUNAH is building a Jewish future in Israel, once child, one family at a time.

Karen Spitalnick
National President

Fran Hirmes
Chairman of the Board

Heddy Klein

Rita Goldstone
Director of Communications


Carol Sufian
Executive Director

Melanie Oelbaum
Missions Chairman

Shirley Singer
Executive Vice President

National Board

Hila Abenaim
Rhonda Avner
Debbie Bienenfeld
Shirley Billet
Ruth Cogan
Chana Cohen
Charlotte Dachs
Shelli Dachs
Bonnie Eizikovitz
Sheryl Katz Elias
Miriam Ellenberg
Sondra H. Fisch
Cookie Elbaum Fishel
Arlene Fox
Marcia Genuth
Elizabeth Gindea
Tali Goldberg
Helena Goldstein
Anne Gontownik
Irene Gottesman
Renee Greenspan
Aviva Gross
Esther R. Heller
Johanna Guttmann
Greta Hirmes
Doris Hirsch
Eleanor Itzkowitz
Annette Lieder
Shaynee Kessler
Heddy Klein
Linda Koegel
Shelli Kuflik
Evie Leifer
Esther Lerer

Chani Lichtiger
Ann Lipmanowicz
Lynn Mael
Cecelia Margules
Fran Mermelstein
Susan Nadritch
Melanie Oelbaum
Mindy Orlinsky
Naava Parker
Carol Pinewski
Lisa Reich
Rosalie Reich
Faye Reichwald
Sylvia Rosencranz
Elianna Sable
Michelle Salig
Harriet Saperstein
Malkie Scharf
Sylvia Schonfeld
Barbara Schreck
Beverly Segal
Suzanne Segal
Shirley Silverman
Arlene Silverstein
Shirley Singer
Karen Spitalnick
Amy Spivak
Gisela Steigman
Rena Steigman
Mindy Stein
Eve Groyer Stern
Susan Weinstock
Charlotte Liechtung
Myrna Zisman
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