The Children’s Home

About 130 boys and girls between the age of 6 and 18 live in the Emunah Achuzat Sarah Children's Home and consider it their home. Each child is unique but all of them have a history of neglect and or abuse. The welfare authorities and the courts have determined that for these children, remaining with their dysfunctional families would be harmful to their physical and emotional growth and well-being.

The caring staff of Achuzat Sarah welcomes the children with open arms, a smile and a great deal of patience. We are determined to help the children learn to deal with their difficult experiences while removing the heavy burdens that prevent them from having a childhood. The Home helps the children develop in a healthy, supportive and pleasant atmosphere with Jewish values. We prepare them for an independent adulthood by helping them realize their full potential. (see also: Achuzat Sara – Continued Support for Girls "at Risk".)

Each child receives intensive, individual attention and encouragement from the dedicated staff of counselors, social workers, house-mothers, special teachers and psychologists. Through the National Service program, over 20 young women are involved 24/7 in all activities such as waking the children and getting them off to school or even accompanying them to school, helping them with homework and special programs, and listening and giving a hug.

Achuzat Sarah has well-equipped facilities for a wide range of after-school activities and therapies. The boys and girls are encouraged to develop their talents and capabilities in areas ranging from music and art to computers, from sports to sciences and even cooking. Their participation in these diverse activities leads to new experiences of success which strengthens their identification and improves the child’s self-image.

Prayer services are held in the beautifully refurbished Bet Knesset on campus. Both the men and women’s sections are comfortable and attractive. The newly equipped kitchen is up to the strict requirements of the Department of Health and Welfare and the children take turns helping out after the delicious and nutritious meals.

There is a library on site that is open daily as well as a petting zoo where children can feed and care for the animals. Furthermore, the boys and girls become involved in community activities and volunteer to deliver food to homebound elderly or visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

Since it first opened its doors in 1955, the Emunah Achuzat Sarah Children's Home has given hundreds of children the tools they need to succeed in life. Many of the Home's graduates have gone on to receive advanced education and establish stable, loving families. Achuzat Sarah and Emunah, are proud to see the graduates integrate successfully into society and become responsible members of Israel’s army, workplace and social fabric.


The children who have been placed in Achuzat Sarah need your help. They are the hope of Israel's future and by strengthening these children, we can strengthen Am Yisrael.

The path back to emotional security and normalcy is often long and difficult. In our EMUNAH residential homes, the devoted staff helps each child to believe that they can succeed. Please help us to continue to provide the children with the warmth, love, and stability they so require.

ACHUZAT SARAH – Continued Support for Girls “At Risk”

Through their high school years, the most vulnerable teenage girls continue to live in a special setting in Achuzat Sarah. The unit is called the Bet Bogrot (The Older Girls’ Home). It is for the girls who still need the security of Achuzat Sarah and the love and encouragement of the Achuzat Sarah staff, in order to stay in high school and graduate. The girls learn to cook and do their own laundry and they help with the younger children in the Home. They even run a business selling candy sticks and baskets. With guidance, they continue to grow and mature.

Recently, an extension to the warm, home-like atmosphere of the Bet Bogrot was created for the most vulnerable girls who leave the Achuzat Sarah campus. An apartment was rented nearby to Achuzat Sarah for the graduates who are alone, with no supportive family and with no place to live. While these girls work or study or complete their army and National Service, they now have a home. A social worker is employed to help the girls with the difficult transition to an independent life. They are of course always welcome at Achuzat Sarah, but at the same time are being encouraged and helped to learn to function in the outside world.

We view this apartment as a vital lifeline for these young women who have overcome so much. Maintaining such an apartment is helping the graduates experience a smooth and safe transition to independent adulthood.

The Residential Center for Older Teens

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