EMUNAH Bet Elazraki Children's Home - Netanya, Israel

EMUNAH Bet Elazraki Children`s Home was founded in 1969 to help children in great distress. At that time, 40 children were fortunate enough to find a haven at Bet Elazraki. Today we have 240 children from all over Israel at this home. These children live at Bet Elazraki because their parents lack the capability due to violence in the family, drug problems, alcohol, abuse, mental illness, abandonment and combination of all the above.

Bet Elazraki is a warm and loving 'home-away-from home' that supports and protects its children and offers them warmth and love, therapeutic treatment, as well as scholastic, educational and social enrichment all thanks to the dedicated, professional staff that shares the Home with the children under the leadership of Director, Yehuda Kohn.

The mission is to ensure that these children become healthy and develop self-esteem, realize their full potential, contribute to society, and raise their children in a normal family setting, in a loving home of their own.

The main goal at Bet Elazraki is to break the vicious cycle of distress that has been a part of their lives.

We see tremendous success with Bet Elazraki's graduates. All of our graduates have gone into the army, National Service, or continued to higher academic studies, they marry, and have healthy families of their own.

Bet Elazraki Children's Home is composed of ;

Bet Elazraki Children's Home
For boys and girls ages 6-12 years old who can not live at home due to parental abuse, neglect or abandonment or other serious conditions making it impossible for the child to live at home.

Bet Bogrot
This is aplace where girls from the age of 13-18 years old live together and learn the skills needed to be independent and to prepare for a better future. Many grew up at Bet Elazraki, and they need this place to add continuity to their lives.

Bet Bogrim
The Klein Bet Bogrim designed for the needs of teenage boys 13 18 who can remain in the care of Bet Elazraki, but taking in to account the needs of a teenage boy.

Baby Emergency Shelter
This shelter takes care of babies taken away from drug addicted mothers, or young children who were so neglected and abused. The Shirley Margolin Parker Home for Infant is there to receive them from all over the country in this crisis center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Family Intervention Center
This is a center that is focused on trying to keep a family together, while giving a child in difficult circumstances the chance to succeed. The children arrive in morning to the Family Intervention Center before being bussed to the local educational facilities. After school they return to the center and benefit from all the activities and professional help as our children at Bet Elazraki Children's Home. However, the main difference being, that the parents also participate in the extensive therapy treatments. For the first time, a father learns how to properly bathe his child, or a mother begins to understand and implement the basic nutritional needs of a growing child. Some children at risk can remain in their own environment when there is cooperation of the parents together with the professional intervention of our Family Intervention Center.

Visit their website at www.elazraki.org

Helping to Break the Cycle of Neglect

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