College of Arts and Technology

The EMUNAH Florence and Joseph Appleman College, founded over 40 years ago, is a unique academic institution situated in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem. In an environment steeped in religious Zionism, the College grants hundreds of creative young women the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in the fields of Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Drama, complemented by a rich program of Judaic and Holocaust Studies. By offering a 4 year degree program of career oriented studies it enables these young women to become economically independent and productive citizens, experts in their field and highly qualified teachers. They are renowned for their professionalism and are indeed sought after by schools, private companies and public institutions throughout Israel.

The College brings together students from all sectors of Israeli society and from all corners of the country with over half the student body residing in the nearby dormitory facilities.

In today's difficult economic climate, more students are finding it impossible to pay full tuition.

EMUNAH is committed to getting them the financial assistance and scholarships they need in order to succeed. No talented student should be turned away because she lacks the funds for an education.

Prizewinning School for Graphic Arts

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