Neve Landy Children's Village -
Even Shmuel

A residential center for 48 severely disturbed and dysfunctional children who cannot be cared for or educated in established institutions. This complex provides a home for traumatized children, from all sides of the religious spectrum, where they can do no harm to themselves or others and where through love and specialist attention they can begin to heal.

Even Shmuel is a rural district in the southern part of Israel. Neve Landy is a residential center, which serves the needs of children with severe behavioral, emotional and learning problems for whom there is currently no appropriate placement.

In many areas our homes represent the first choice for the police and social services when they need to remove children immediately from a dangerous situation.

Unfortunately, a new pattern is emerging for which, at present, we have no answer-children who, as a result of their behavior, pose both a physical and mental danger to the vulnerable children in our homes. We are talking about very young children who have been found dealing in drugs, children who sexually abuse other children, aggressive and abusive children whose families have abandoned them to a life on the streets, children who are violent or suicidal. These children cannot be integrated into our homes or mainstream education, and their needs require a far more individualistic and specialized approach.

Small groups, intensive therapy, individual attention as well as the love we provide in all our existing residential homes, is the only way to try and rehabilitate these children and teenagers.

A loving center for disturbed children

  Our Homes & Schools:

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