Emunah's Neve Michael Children's Village Pardes Hana, Israel

The world lacks not for horrors, not even in this, our Holy Land. Depression, disability, depravity all lurk just slightly below our awareness. They can extract tolls of untold magnitude from the most vulnerable and innocent of all - children.

That's why there is an Emunah's Neve Michael Children's Village.

Emunah's Neve Michael Children's Village provides refuge and a loving home to 280 children and youth at risk ( ages 5-18 years old) and is the only multidisciplinary children's home in Israel.

  • The Village has a 24/7 Children Emergency Crisis Center ( 15 children at one time-40 annually)
  • The first and only Teenage Girls' Emergency Crisis Center in Israel ( Opened in 2009 and there are 15 girls at one time -40 annually)
  • Family Units for 170 children at risk. 12 children live with a family ( parents and their children) that provides our children with positive role models that demonstrate love, warmth, support and stability that is lacking in their young lives. We have three special family units, two for very young children, age 4-9 and one family unit with 10 small children, all of whom have come via the courts or from other crisis shelters.
  • An Elementary School on the premises with 110 students - 20 children come from the neighborhood.
  • Day Care facilities that serve 80 disadvantaged children in the area until 7:00pm ,5 days a week.
  • Therapy and Tutorial Enrichment Center tailored to meet the individual needs of 225 children
  • In 2007 the JDC and Ashalim approached Neve Michael and asked us to open a External Crisis Center and Therapy Counseling Unit families at risk. Since then, we have been servicing 45 families in the area up until Haifa, which helps keep families intact, even under the most trying circumstances.

  • Each child at Neve Michael Children's Village has a story. Some can express it in words, while others can only convey their past traumas through the haunted looks in their eyes. In many cases, these unfortunate children have suffered mental/physical abuse and their natural parents are afflicted with mental illness or drug and alcohol addictions.

    When a child is raised in a normal, functioning home he/she receives the love, support and trust of parents. Throughout school and in daily life- there is a special kind of security and safety, someone who is there to help them.

    The children who cross our threshold may have parents in the physical sense, but lack the emotional stability needed in a child's young, tender life. We have children whose parents are drug addicts. When they return for a home visit, they do not know if their mother/father will take one or two shots over the weekend. If it is only one, perhaps they will receive some attention. If two, forget it. They know they will spend the weekend counting the minutes until they can return to the safety of Emunah's Neve Michael Children's Village.

    Our main objective is to break the vicious cycle of distress that has been a part of the children's lives. With our after school tutorial program and the various psychological treatments, we assist in targeting the many areas needed to improve the quality of our children's lives.

    Thanks to the support of Emunah America and the love and work of our professional staff at Emunah's Neve Michael Children's Village, we have seen these children triumph against all odds and recuperate from their past traumas.
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