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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fundraising

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah children on this page have chosen to “share” their Bar or Bat Mitzvah with Emunah’s children at risk in Israel. They are adding new meaning to this special milestone by including the mitzvah of tzedakah in their celebration.

When you make a donation in their honor know that you are making a difference to a child in Israel who needs our love and support.

For more information please contact Laurie Szenicer at 212-564-9045 ext 315 or


Eitan Wernick

In honor of becoming a Bar Mitzvah, I would appreciate your help in supporting a very special charity: Emunah’s Beit Elazraki Children’s Home and the Emunah Multipurpose Day Care Center in Netanya Israel.
I help my dad in his role as a “big brother” mentor for a child from a distressed home in Hollywood FL. I have seen first-hand what is like for this boy to be neglected and abused. It is hard for me to imagine what it is like to experience this kind of trauma as a kid. It has become a goal of mine to help children having similar experiences in Israel.

That is why I chose to support Emunah’s Beit Elazraki – an orphanage in Netanya Israel that I will be visiting when I travel to Israel for my bar mitzvah. Many of you have probably heard of, or even visited, Beit Elazraki. It provides a warm home and loving family environment for hundreds of children who have suffered neglect or trauma. It is a very special place.
Emunah’s Multi-Purpose Day Care Centers are day care centers based in neighborhoods where there are many struggling young families with small children who are at risk for abuse and neglect. The Day Care Centers are open to children from these homes from the age of 3 months to 6 years.
I was born with a rare and serious heart defect known as TAPVR. I underwent open-heart surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital when I was four weeks old. After my surgery, I was sensitive to pain, and my parents created their own soft baby carrier to carry me. From this, the Baby K’tan Baby carrier – my family’s business – was born. “Wearing babies” in baby carriers, like the Baby K’tan, has been shown to help with babies’ mental, emotional and physical development. My family is therefore partnering with Emunah and donating Baby K’tan Baby Carriers and other baby products to Emunah’s Multi-Purpose Day Care Centers.
I would appreciate your help in raising additional funds for Beit Elazraki and Emunah’s Day Care Centers. This charity is close to my heart and any size donation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and looking forward to celebrating my bar mitzvah with you in Israel!

Annie & Eli Rubinson

In honor of our B’nai Mitzvah on August 20th, 2015, we have decided to raise money for the Bet Elazraki Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel. We are doing this in lieu of accepting gifts from friends and family. That is because the children of Bet Elazraki need the help more than we do.


This Home, run by director, Yehuda Kohn, is a very special place for children who have either been abandoned, or removed from families because their parents are unable to provide proper care. As a result, they may arrive at Bet Elazraki in significant emotional distress. The Home cares for children of all ages. The children come from all over the country. In addition to lodging, the Home provides therapeutic treatment to help the kids, and sometimes the parents of these kids, to learn how to cope with their life circumstances. When we visited the Home this past summer, we toured 6 different buildings that house and feed the kids based upon age and gender. On the tour we learned that the most important goal of all of the counselors (and of course, Director Kohn) is to provide each and every resident with as normal a childhood as possible so they feel they are living just like any other kid. For example, each child’s photograph is taken several times a week in order to accumulate photo albums of each child’s memories. Also, there is a room specialized for birthday presents so the children get proper recognition on their birthdays. Even though Bet Elazraki Children’s home is so distant from us, we would still like to contribute, with your help, to their success.

One moment that especially stood out to us during our visit was meeting their choir, which is comprised of children who have a love for music and performing. We share this love with them and we would like to do what we can to help them pursue their passion even more. When we visited, we sang side by side with their choir, and immediately realized that one thing missing from this amazing Home is a music room full of instruments. We tend to look to music as a form of pleasure, comfort, and at times, therapy. We would like them to experience the same joy as we do.

Starting on January 1st 2015, the two of us have jointly committed to spend 2 hours a week rehearsing music for 5 months. At the end of May, we will record a CD and provide it to everyone who sponsors our project for his or her listening pleasure. We appreciate any help you can give us in assisting these children by donating enough money to buy various instruments for the children at Bet Elazraki.

Annie and Eli Rubinson

Ari Loewinger

In honor of Ari’s upcoming Bar-Mitzvah, his goal is to raise $3,100 to sponsor one year of services for a child at Bet Elazraki.


Bet Elazraki Children’s Home is located in Netanya, Israel, was founded in 1969 to help children in distress. Today we are home to 240 children from infants to 18 years.

Most of our children have been subjected to domestic violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, severe poverty, and neglect, and most of their parents were deemed incapable of raising them. These parents, in most cases, were raised in institutions such as ours themselves, and so 90% of our children are second or third generations of a distress cycle.

Our children are referred to us from all over Israel, by the Welfare Department and Israeli Courts of law.

44% of all our children are immigrants, of which 19% originate from Ethiopia, and 25% originate from Russia.

All the children have endured painful, traumatic experiences in their lives, to which our professional staff attend on a twenty four hour basis. We do our best to support the children´s physical needs education and entertainment with as much tender, loving care as any normal family. We try to give them hope of a brighter future.

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