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Elliot & Jenny Tawil Wedding Fund

The children who grow up in our children’s homes go on to graduate, join the army, and marry their chosen life partner. Our children may graduate but we are their “parents” for life. Our graduates lack the funds for a wedding party or the money needed to set up a new home together. Emunah’s Wedding Fund helps to pay for these expenses, and helps them start a new life together with dignity.

HELPS - Hirmes Emunah Life Preparation Services

HELPS will be a series of individual and group counseling sessions, classes and workshops that will be designed to prepare

Emunah’s children and young adults for living a successful life beyond their years living and studying with Emunah.

Emunah Israel projects that HELPS will benefit an average of 100 men and women every year.  In only one of Emunah’s homes, Bet Saba Elazaraki, an average of 20 young adults “graduate” every year.  The Israeli government does not provide funding for the types of therapy and guidance sessions that will be the core of HELPS this scene is repeated in Emunah homes throughout Israel

School Supplies

The children who live in Emunah’s children’s homes start the new school year with the same needs as any child: They need new knapsacks, pencils, notebooks, lunchboxes, shoes and clothing. It is only through the donations of our supporters that we are able to get our children ready for school – and throughout the school year – with new supplies of their own.

Sponsor a Child

The children who arrive at Emunah’s children’s homes are in need of specialized services to overcome their traumatic pasts and severe challenges. We offer them individualized therapy to meet their needs provided by a cadre of professionals who are top in their fields. The Emunah Sponsor a Child Program pays for these crucial services which helps each child heal and grow and gives them the opportunity for a healthy, happy future.


Emunah takes care of the children who graduate from our children’s homes through their military or national service and through their years of higher education. They are still in need of financial and emotional support, and they want to know they have a “home” and “parents” who care about them.

The Support Our Soldiers fund provides for the financial and therapeutic needs of our graduates during these five years.

Teach a Child

Emunah of America’s Teach-A-Child Campaign ensures children from backgrounds of abuse, abandonment and neglect, receive desperately needed help. There are 12,000 children in Emunah’s care in Israel who need the chance to heal from emotional and physical wounds, the chance to succeed in school, and be given hope for a brighter future.

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