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When you give charity in memory of a friend or loved one,
you honor their memory in the most meaningful way
and you are elevating the soul of the departed.

With your memorial donation you are giving hope
and a new life to Emunah’s children at risk in Israel.


Dafna Meir A"H Fund

Dafna Meir, a devoted mother to 4 natural children, and 2 foster children, was murdered in her home in Otniel on January 17, 2016. She was a nurse, an advisor and teacher on halachic issues and a pillar of her community. In her life, cut too short, she accomplished so much good for so many people – acts of kindness and compassion that have a lasting impact on all the lives she touched. Her accomplishments are all the more remarkable when one considers her very difficult, unhappy childhood.


Unable to live at home, Dafna spent her early years at Emunah’s Achuzat Sarah Children’s home, one of Emunah’s 5 children’s residential homes in Israel for children at-risk. Achuzat Sarah enveloped her with love and attention, and the staff designed a treatment plan for her individual needs. At the home, she underwent tremendous personal growth and blossomed into a wonderful young woman.

Dafna’s journey is one from that went from needing assistance to giving assistance, from having no family to creating life and nurturing the love of family, and especially to being there for other children in need.

The Dafna Meir a”h Fund will benefit the children who live at Achuzat Sarah Children’s Home and give them the opportunity to blossom into happy adults – the same way that Dafna did.

The Ely Singer Technology Center

The Ely Singer Technology Center honors the legacy of a man who gave so much of himself to so many. Now, the Center does so much for so many young lives through your financial support.

This center has rapidly become an integral part of the lives of the chil­dren in EMUNAH’s Bet Elazraki Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel. It is a place of advancement, of progress, and of promise for a better future for the 220 “at risk” children growing up at Bet Elazraki.

The Technology Center allows the children to develop their technological and linguistic skills, and opens them to new methods of learning — all within a Torah atmosphere. Through the use of advanced computer equipment, the Center gives the children an important advantage in their academic progress. This advantage is crucial for their self-esteem, and their potential for a better future. As we all know, a good education in the entrée to a successful career and economic independence. This is what we wish upon our own children – and for the children at Bet Elazraki as well.

The Ely Singer Technology Center honors the legacy of a man who gave so much of himself to so many. Now, the Center does so much for so many young lives through your financial support.

Your donation will help so many young lives. Please enter your donation amount below.

Florence and Joseph M. Schwartz Vocal Arts Program

Florence and Joseph M. Schwartz Vocal Arts Program at the Emunah Torah and Arts High School in Jerusalem.

Florence Schwartz had a beautiful soprano voice and loved singing.  But it was only after the birth of her 4th daughter, and with the encouragement of her husband Joseph, that she was able to pursue her dream to take professional singing lessons.

The program named in their memory is fulfilling the dreams of talented teenage girls by giving them the opportunity to pursue voice and music training.  Their artistic training is part of a full academic program within a Torah environment.

The Julia Packer Art Therapy Memorial Fund

Julia Packer was born in Russia and placed with her brother in a children´s home when she was 3. When she was 6, she and her brother were adopted by the Packers, an American observant Jewish family who already had 4 children. From the outset, Julia was pleased to become an integral part of this new family, and determined to be a success in life. She attended a Jewish day school through the 12th grade where she displayed talent in art. She continued to hone this ability at the Emunah v´Omanut seminary in Jerusalem and then at Stern College in New York City.

Tragically, Julia died in a train accident the end of January 2015, four months before she would have received her degree.

Julia´s family remembers her caring, intense connection to each member. Her friends recall her devotion, her fun-loving nature and her positive influence on each of them. Her teachers recall a hard working student and a talented artist. And we all have in our hearts and minds the image of a sweet, energetic, always-smiling beautiful young woman who had so much to contribute to the world.

Julia hoped to work in the fashion world and then possibly pursue a career in counseling. She would have been pleased to be helping the children at Bet Elazraki — especially through art which she so loved and at which she excelled.

The Julia Packer fund benefits the Art Therapy Program at Bet Elazraki Children’s Home.

Phillip J. Szydlo Teach-A-Child Children’s Fund

For our Phillip with the heart of gold
Who offered it openly and without restraint
We honor him by continuing to help others
And trust that this mitzvah we do in his name
Will bring Aliyot Aliyot to his neshama

Phillip was born the big brother and he wore the mantle of protector like a second skin with a generosity that was purely selfless and a magnetic innate sensitivity to the needs of others that attracted them to his light.

In  a note to Phillip on one of his birthdays a friend wrote:
“Throughout our lifetime, we meet many people. Every now and then, if we are lucky, we meet someone who touches our soul. Along with that comes a profound understanding that there are angels on earth; heaven sent wonders who enter our lives at precisely the right time — who perform acts of kindness, simply because it gives them great satisfaction to deliver in our time of need–a sense of love, hope and friendship. These angels are blessings from G-d — a rare glimpse into heaven. How extraordinary it is to be touched by an angel — I feel your love, hope and friendship.  I thank you.”

We are grateful to those who honor Phillip by opening their hearts to help our children flourish through the Phillip J. Szydlo TAC Children’s Fund.

Rebekah Frucht Memorial Fund

Keep Rebekah’s legacy alive by ensuring that children in the EMUNAH Bet Elazraki children’s home in Netanya receive both animal and art therapy to help them heal from their traumatic past.

Your kind participation in this worthy tribute to Rebekah’s life will offer an additional source of comfort and solace to Frucht family and also to children in Israel who are in great need of our help.

To purchase note cards designed by Rebekah Frucht a”h please click here.

Rochelle Miller Memorial Fund

Rochelle celebrated all children—she radiated love, and they shone in her presence. “Morah Rachel” nurtured the totality of each child, building character, self esteem, as well as emotional, and spiritual well being.

Bet Elazraki provides a home for abandoned and disadvantaged children from devastating family situations. The educators and caregivers at Bet Elazraki are dedicated to helping these children overcome their challenges as they grow to self-sufficient adulthood. Bet Elazraki is affiliated with the Emunah organization, of which Rochelle was a lifelong member and valued contributor.


Within Bet Elazraki, we established a Center for children with special needs—children who also have unique learning profiles with different cognitive challenges. Before her passing, Rochelle’s passion was focused on helping these children. Sadly, Rochelle was not able to fulfill her most recent passion. Still, with your help and generosity, we can ensure that her legacy will continue. All contributions are fully tax deductible.

HaMakom shel Reichel, z”l, provides these children with the care, guidance, instruction and skills they need to develop into healthy, thriving adults, contributing to their families, communities and klal yisroel.

While we give generously to help these deserving children, HaMakon shel Reichel, z”l provides us all with a particularly appropriate way to memorialize Rochelle; her warmth, optimism, and her inspiring mission.

The Miller Family

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