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The Jossi Berger Holocaust Study Center

It is a priority at Emunah to ensure we educate the next generation about the lessons of the Holocaust and to remember the six million lives lost, as well as the triumph of the survivors.

An important part of the Emunah Florence and Joseph Appleman College curriculum is Holocaust Studies. The College houses the Jossi Berger Holocaust Study Center and every freshman studying at the College participates in a unique learning experience at the Center. Classroom lectures and reading material outline the historical framework of the Holocaust while the interdisciplinary project allows creativity to merge with historical study. The students create a project in their chosen field of study.

In addition to this one-year program, all students at the EMUNAH College attend and participate in special programs and symposia on the Holocaust throughout the year.

The Jossi Berger Holocaust Study Center not only serves as the focus for Holocaust studies for the college students, but it has also become the central address for English language Holocaust programming for the large “anglo” community living in Jerusalem.

EMUNAH established The Holocaust Library and Resource Center as part of the Jossi Berger Holocaust Study Center at EMUNAH College. The Library is available not only to students, but to the general community as well.

Be a part of our goal to ensure we “never forget!” and support the Jossi Berger Holocaust Study Center.


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