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Charlotte Dachs Mechina Program

Every young woman in Israel, regardless of their socio-economic background deserves the opportunity to succeed educationally. The Charlotte Dachs Mechina Program at the EMUNAH College of Art and Technology, is meeting this need, giving new hope to students who could not finish high school and move on to higher education because of severe financial or personal challenges during their high school years.

This highly successful program helps students in urgent need of enrichment and remediation services overcome their challenges and pass their bagrut (matriculation exam). Without this unique Mechina Program, the students would have little or no chance of meeting the requirements to be accepted in an academic institution of higher education. These would young women lose this “second chance” for a promising future and economic independence.

The student population is comprised of Israeli girls from poverty stricken homes and Ethiopian immigrants. All of them require financial assistance to enroll in the Mechina Program. Many of the girls also need of financial help to meet their daily living expenses. Some receive food to take home to their families.

The positive effect that these intensive support services offered at the EMUNAH Mechina Program has on the lives of the very needy young women is immeasurable. It is literally giving our young women the ab ility to overcome their challenges, succeed educationally and go on to be a productive member of Israeli society.

Help students in urgent need.

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