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Neve Landy Children’s Home

Neve Landy, located in Even Shmuel, Israel, serves 80 children ages 6-19 years old  from all over Israel who were brought to our doorstep at a tender age and under traumatic circumstances.

Location: Even Shmuel, Israel

Neve Landy Children’s Home

Children’s Village “Neve Landy Emunah” which lies south of the country, is a religious children’s village post-hospitalization of Emunah. The village is supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The village houses about 80 boys aged 6-19, who come mostly from the south, referral is made by a welfare worker after being at high risk in their home. Some coming to the campus after hospitalization in psychiatric hospitals. The children mostly suffer from severe behavioral problems, learning disabilities and complex emotional difficulties. Most children attend special education frameworks that best fits their needs.

The village is divided into three divisions, Young Division (children of elementary school age), Middle School Division (middle school-age children) and Adult Division (ages 15 and up). On the premises there are five groups, each group appointed 10-12 children, aged 6-15 (Younger Division and Middle School) each group has an educational coordinator, four counselors, two National service volunteers, a social worker and a psychologist.

Another treatment team includes a psychiatrist and nurses in various fields of expression and creation (gardening therapy, animal therapy, sandbox treatment, art therapy) it should be noted that the entire boarding team comes to – 70 staff in a variety of different jobs. Our motivating factor is our consistent belief in the ability of each child, being unique, and the fundamental right to get the most optimal conditions for development.


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