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Sderot Counseling Center


The counseling center in Sderot provides vital services to the residents of Sderot and surrounding areas. Sderot, which is located close to the Gaza border, has been under ongoing rocket attack for over ten years. At times, the rocket attacks are unrelenting. Citizens don’t know when the next alert will sound, leading to a constant state of anxiety. Running to rocket shelters

within seconds is sadly a way of life, and resultant emotional and economic damage is tremendous.

Children in particular are suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, in addition to adults. Families are under great stress and the services of the Sderot Counseling Center become a crucial life-line to those in crisis.

There are between 110-120 patients receiving conventional therapy at the therapy. The clients include: children, teenagers, individuals, couples and senior citizens. There are 100 patients receiving treatment with alternative medicine.

The center employs 13 therapists including 4 child therapists and 2 art therapists. There are five alternative medicine therapists in the center.
It is open from 8am to 8pm every day of the week, except Friday. During times of war, someone is available 24 hours a day.

In Israel, no government agency is responsible for defraying the costs of counseling. If the patient cannot afford to pay, EMUNAH Israel underwrites the cost of the therapy session.

Please help support this vital source of healing for the residents of Sderot.

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