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Day Care Centers

Emunah day care centers throughout Israel are known for their excellence and offer a safe and secure environment for children whose parents must leave them in order to go to work.

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Children’s Homes

Emunah’s 5 children’s residential homes provide a nurturing environment to children who cannot live at home due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. In Emunah’s care, children receive the love, care and attention they need to heal and thrive.

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Emunah’s educational network includes 4 high schools and a college. These award-winning educational institutions provide a superior education to young women, some of who are economically disadvantaged and learning disabled.

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Counseling Centers

Emunah operates 13 crisis and family counseling centers providing crucial services to children and families in crisis, group therapy, parenting classes and help for Israel’s children and families affected by ongoing terror attacks.

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Senior Services

Emunah offers caring senior services for Israel’s elderly citizens – some of whom are Holocaust survivors. Our Golden Age “restaurant” allows seniors to have urgently needed companionship and the chance to eat with dignity.

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Emunah is responding to the needs of the people, caring for young and old, throughout the Jewish State.
We provide vital social services and educational programs to children and families that
elevate, educate and enrich society, particularly important for the most vulnerable segments of society.

Join us in our goal to strengthen the people of Israel and Israel’s Jewish future.

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Read about some of Emunah’s 250 projects in Israel.
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