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Children’s Homes

Emunah’s five children’s homes offer a lifeline to children who cannot live at home as their parents are unwilling or unable to care for them.
Our emergency shelters take in children who are in
immediate danger at home.


Emunah’s children’s residential homes provide a warm loving home to over 1,100 children who cannot live with their parents due to abuse, mental illness or abandonment. Many of the children are brought to Emunah children’s homes by police by order of the Ministry of Social Services. At our homes, the children receive the love, care and attention they desperately crave, often for the first time in their lives.

Our residential children’s homes are operated by outstanding professional staff who are trained to offer the children a broad range of nurturing and therapeutic services according to each child’s needs. The homes employ social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists in order to bring the children back to emotional health. The goal is end the cycle of distress into which they were born, and to prepare the children for eventual integration into society, the army, higher education, gainful employment and ready to set up a healthy family of their own.

For children who are in immediate danger, Emunah operates three emergency crisis centers which are open to receive children at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. They are given shelter, security and a complete range of therapeutic services.


Emunah operates five children’s residential homes:

Achuzat Sarah Children’s Home in Bnei Brak

Bet Elazraki Children’s Home in Netanya

Neve Landy Children’s Home in Even Shmuel

Neve Michael Children’s Home in Pardes Hanna

Sarah Herzog Children’s Home in Afula



Emunah operates three emergency crisis shelters for children

Emergency Crisis Center for infants at Bet Elazraki in Netanya

Emergency Crisis center for children at Neve Michael in Pardes Hanna

Emergency Crisis Center for teenage girls at Neve Michael in Pardes Hanna

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