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Sarah Herzog Children’s Home

Sarah Herzog Children’s Home, located in Afula, Israel, serves 180 children ages 5-18 years old from all over Israel who were brought to our doorstep at a tender age and under traumatic circumstances.

Location: Afula, Israel

Located in the busy center of Afula is an oasis of caring, an island of serenity and stability for some of Israel’s most needy children, the Emunah Sarah Herzog Children’s Center. The Center, a residential and afterschool therapeutic day care facility serving 180 children at risk aged 5-18, was established in 1949 to provide a haven for young holocaust survivors.

For over 60 years the Emunah Children’s Center has worked to realize the worthy goals of providing shelter for children at risk, restoring childhood, enabling children to overcome past traumas and achieve their academic potential, and offering them hope for a better future. The Emunah Center offers our children and their families a wide range of activities and therapies, educational support, parental guidance, and the provision of high standard physical and medical treatment. Our children suffer from learning disabilities, emotional problems and challenging behavior.

Many of our students have difficulty in forming meaningful relationships with adults and other children and struggle with depression, rejection, anger and violence. For many, the Sarah Herzog Children’s Center is the only stable and safe home that they have ever known.

The Emunah Children’s Center has become an innovative force in the region. In the words of a supervisor in the Child Protective Services, Emunah Afula is “the best children’s home in the North”. The Emunah Center is a forerunner in the treatment of children at risk and runs many unique therapeutic programs, Emunah Creative Arts, the Emunotes Performing Choir, the Mom’s and Dads’ Club and the innovative Puppeteering Therapy Programme, to name a few.

The Emunah Children’s Center strives to provide our children with a safe and nurturing environment while enhancing parent-child relationships and helping parents develop parenting competence as well as conflict solving skills. But the main attribute of our Children’s Center is its warm and caring family atmosphere. For many of our children it is the first time in their lives that someone cares enough to laugh with them when they are happy, cry with them when they are sad, say no and mean it, say “I promise” and fulfill it; to be the family they never had and say “I love you” without expecting anything in return.

Over recent years the Center has enjoyed a strong and meaningful relationship with many warm communities, federations, synagogues, schools, and many wonderful families and individuals in Israel and overseas.

Thanks to the support and love of many caring individuals the Emunah Center is able to provide our children with a safer, more secure and nurturing environment and to MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER.


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