Achuzat Sarah Children's Home - Bnei Brak

More than 130 children between the ages of 6 to 18 live at Achuzat Sarah. These are children that have been removed from parental custody due to problems of neglect, sexual abuse or domestic violence, often caused by parents’ drug addiction, alcoholism, or mental illness. The emphasis in Achuzat Sarah is placed on creating a healthy and nurturing environment based on Torah values. Children from all backgrounds, Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Ethiopians and from the former Soviet Union all live together in a warm family atmosphere.

The children attend local schools each day and return home in the early afternoon to Achuzat Sarah were they each receive individualized professional attention – tutoring, counseling and specialized therapies for children with physical or learning disabilities.

The ultimate goal of Achuzat Sarah Children's Home is to help each child who is brought there to become an emotionally and physically healthy young adult who is prepared to function and be a productive member of society. The objective is to shatter the vicious cycle of distress so they will be the last in their family to need residential placement.

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